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Brand & Business: Entropia Launches ‘Elon,’ an Omnichannel Customer Journey Platform in the Philippines


MANILA – Eduardo Mapa Jr, Country Head/Senior Partner of Entropia CBR recently announced the adoption of Elon – the Omnichannel customer journey mapping platform – into the mix of the company’s data and analytics tools in the Philippines.

The Manila office is the first international expansion by Entropia, the fast-rising independent Malaysia based new-age marketing consultancy and freshly minted agency of the year at this year’s MARKies.

“Elon is a proprietary technology developed in house by our technology team in Kuala Lumpur and is designed to integrate the data footprint across campaigns, CRM, website, eCommerce, customer service, and in-store.

This integration allows for a true picture of the customer, their journey with the brand, and where they might be in the purchase funnel, allowing for better segmentation, proposition building, and messaging.

With more businesses in the Philippines moving into the world of data realism, Elon is conceived to breach data silos and bring this facility to our Philippine clients who may not be ready for full cloud but want customization, ownership, affordability, and security,” Mapa said.

Entropia believes that the future of commerce is personal and anticipatory. Customers will expect more and more that businesses do not just respond to them but can anticipate their needs. Moreover, be able to bring hyper-relevance in their approach.

“Personalisation is going to be the next P of marketing. People interact with brands across different channels and platforms, and they expect brands to have a full picture. Elon is there to help clients build people-centric rather than platform-centric businesses.” Jonathan Joson, Entropia CBR’s partner for eCommerce and Strategy added.

Entropia CBR service offerings are driven around the 4C’s – consulting, communication, CX, and commerce using the service and data intelligence ecosystem built by Entropia in Malaysia. The digital-first company is designed to help C-suite innovate, lead, and disrupt the category by developing digital transformation roadmaps, digital-first experiences and campaigns, future-ready platforms and brands, investment planning and innovation prototypes as part of its consulting offering.

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