Campaign Spotlight: RCBC taps Entropia to launch it’s widest range of digital banking services, “What Now?”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As the usage rate of digital tools in the financial and banking industry continues to rise, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) has launched its most extensive and most comprehensive suite of digital banking services. This at a time when banking clients are in search of ways and means to adapt to this new normal way of living. To support this milestone, RCBC released “What Now? “, the campaign’s online video that brings to the fore questions many banking customers face. With safety precautions still a priority and “home cocooning” still prevalent, RCBC delivers with their digital banking services, showing customers ways towards worry-free banking transactions.

Eugene S. Acevedo, RCBC President & CEO, said, “We don’t just innovate for innovation’s sake. We try our best to understand emerging customer needs and quickly adjust our services accordingly. Delighting our customers is what inspires our digitization efforts. The service we provide to our clients always comes first.”

“For RCBC, we’ve always placed our clients’ needs at the forefront. So, when the pandemic and lockdown restrictions started, we needed to act fast to inform our clients that they can continue banking with us through our online banking app. Hence, our strategy focused on casting a wide net and reaching as many people as fast as possible”, said Ces Natividad, RCBC’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The 85-second video, created by Entropia Philippines and directed by Sid Maderazo, was shot and produced amidst strict community restrictions. Said Paulo Famularcano, Creative Partner for Entropia Philippines, “We needed a partner who shares our agility and craftsmanship values. Sidekick demonstrated this with Sid’s expert and innovative approach to production and cinematic storytelling”.

Commenting on RCBC’s new communication approach, Ces Natividad explained, “We realized that to accelerate our clients’ digital adoption, we need to look into their behavior more closely. We realized that a one-size-fits-all communication is no longer enough. Our clients have varied experiences and are reacting differently to the current scenario. So, we had to pivot. We needed to address real and personal consumer pain points to be relevant. We shifted our strategy to delve into the different motivations of our clients and customize our communications based on how each feature and service can help address a particular need”.

“As RCBC dives into accelerating adoption of our digital services among our clients, particularly during these uncertain times, we were looking for a different kind of agency partner to help us pivot. With its Anticipatory Intelligence Engine at the core, Entropia Philippines allowed us to look at our customer segments more granular, giving us the leverage to connect with them in a personalized manner in scale and still deliver business results. While it’s the centerpiece of this campaign, this video is just one of the many pieces that Entropia has developed for us. We look forward to our growing partnership with the agency team as we continue to address our clients’ ever-changing needs.” She added

Kaye Enriquez, Partner at Entropia Philippines, “RCBC is always looking ahead and moving forward with its customers, even during times of uncertainty. “What Now” is our client’s commitment and resolve to help their customers every step of the way. It is an integral piece of the many moving parts in assisting RCBC to pivot to the future in this age of Anticipatory Intelligence while driving personalization and business results.”

Entropia is one of the fastest-growing independent marketing consultancy in Southeast Asia based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Philippine office is its first international expansion. For more details, visit

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Agency: Entropia CBR
Partner: Kaye Enriquez
Creative Partner: Paulo Famularcano
Business Director: Adrian Guevara
Senior Copywriter: Gene Sto. Tomas
Art Director: Eunice Sentillas
Producer: Beth Lozada
Director: Sid Maderazo
Production House: Sidekick

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