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Entropia rolls out ROXY

ROXY rolled out for personalised marketing

Entropia, the consultancy meets agency, has launched a new offering called ROXY to help businesses deliver personalized marketing with a whole brain approach. Led by Senior Creative leader, Md. Shaidik, whose previous stint was the Global Creative Director at iflix, to oversee digital creatives across 11 countries, as iflix expanded to become one of the most valuable new age companies in the region.

Shaidik will be complemented in this role by a team of Consultants, programmatic planners, data scientists, platform experts and experience designers. The team will work across the full customer journey including campaigns, CRM, and websites. “Personal is the new premium. People want to pack a lot many lives in one life. They live in a multiplicity of parallel attention states. This creates huge complexity. Businesses need to make that simple, and personalization at scale is the answer. Personal makes it simple, and simplification has a high premium,” said Prashant Kumar, Senior Partner of ENTROPIA. “ROXY would like to work with clients to help bring personalized propositions, content and creativity across their demand chain – whether campaigns, customer experience or cross-sell, to drive more growth and margins,” added Prashant. As per Entropia, Personalization is not merely an opportunity limited to campaigns but can run across customer experience, price proposition, packaging, and product. Personalization also needs to bring data together with insights & creativity. “Much of the digital marketing is focused today around automation & trading. ROXY’s mission is to bring unprecedented relevance to customers by bringing together creative ingenuity with data and algorithms,” said Shai, the Creative lead for ROXY. “The difference between ad-block inducing creepiness and meaningful un-intrusive personalization lies in finding that sweet spot of engagement. And that’s where you need us,” concluded Shai.

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